Spaghettivintage® & VGE Fat Scream & Boost Custom Overdrive


Vintage Guitar Effects and Spaghettivintage, are pleased to present  a new extraordinary stomp box, the Fat Scream & Boost.This pedal was built by VGE on specs of Luigi Mitola, it’s the right overdrive for those who are looking for a very high quality tone at reasonable price.The pedal is made with high quality components (only Neutrik jacks in our products), and TOTALLY HANDMADE, with absolute respect for your instrument’s signal.

The Fat Scream & Boost is highly versatile and has at least 4 different uses: an overdrive with 2 different voices, a smoother one (voice down) and a fatter and bigger one (voice up) and a superb independent BOOST that can be used together with overdrive or alone.

The tone is reminiscent of a famous pedal born in the late 70’s, but the uncompromising construction and the strict selection of components made ​​it possible to achieve a result far superior to the original and with much less noise; there is much more dynamic, volume, gain and sustain, plus there’s a fantastic boost that highly increases its versatility. A really great pedal with a superb tone, so few overdrives sounds like this and have such a tonal variety.

Every production of Vintage Guitar Effects before leaving the laboratory will be checked and tested in every detail, so each product is LIFETIME guaranteed. Of course, the warranty does not cover the misuse and normal wear and tear of the components.


Power supply: 9 to 18v (9v is recommended for the best tone, the pedal at 18v will not be damaged, but the     sound will change).

Category: OVERDRIVE + separate BOOST

Construction: Bungard PCB or RADEMACHER with tracks of 75 micron thickness.

Potentiometers: ALPHA 16mm

Switching system: TRUE BYPASS

Dimensions: 90x115x30

Battery life: about 24 hours of continuous use

Resistors: carbon film.

Capacitors: Panasonic, Wima and Xicon

Special Price: 189 €