Spaghettivintage® & VGE Custom Tremolo

Vintage Guitar Effects and Spaghettivintage, are proud to present  the new stomp boxes just realized, the CUSTOM TREMOLO.

This pedal was built by VGE on specs of Luigi Mitola, it’s the right tremolo for those who are looking for a very high quality tone at reasonable price.

The pedal is made with high quality components (only Neutrik jacks in our products) and total respect for tradition and vintage construction.

The main feature of CUSTOM TREMOLO is that can perfectly reproduce both the Fender-like tone and Vox tube tone (without using tubes!), this is very rare to get; with just 3 knobs you can change the tone dramatically, from Ry Cooder to Clapton, Bo Diddley, Creedence, Hendrix etc…

Rate and Depth knobs are very large and big to enable you to use them with your foot while you’re playing, a very useful thing in live gigs.

With the Balls knob, you can switch from a slight sinusoid wave to a very strong square wave, also you don’t have any volume loss inserting the effect (which is a common problem in many tremolo pedals) and there is even an internal trimmer (already factory set) by which you can adjust the master volume.

A really great pedal with a superb sound, so few tremolos sound like this and very few have such a great versatility. 9V battery or AC power.

Every production of Vintage Guitar Effects before leaving the laboratory will be checked and tested in every detail, so each product is LIFETIME guaranteed. Of course, the warranty does not cover the misuse and normal wear and tear of the components.

Price: 159 €

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