Marshall 2204 50 Watts Master Volume 1978 Vertical Inputs

Superb 2204 Marshall JMP 1978 Master Volume, 50 watts, vertical inputs, fully functional, all serviced, wonderful sound, the real Marshall tone, halfway between a Plexi and a JCM 800; it has the tone of AC / DC, as well as Van Halen and all the Rock and the Hard Rock of the 80s.
With a booster is the perfect amp for Heavy Metal, from Maiden to Sabbath, Randy Rhoads, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Guns etc … Nothing to do with the reissues, this is the REAL Marshall.
The impedance selector has been replaced with a knob, as it is more reliable than the original (which however I will include with the amp).
Don’t miss it, you’ll love it after the first note!