Ibanez USRG-30 Usa Custom Shop very rare OHSC USRG30

A very rare guitar, it’s a USRG-30 an Ibanez USA Custom. The U.S.A. Custom were bornfor western Ibanez customers. These USRG’s are The only real American and their production was assigned by Ibanez to the Bunker Guitars. The production of this USRG30 dates back to the years 94-96 and represented the flagship model of the entire series.

The main difference between this and other Ibanez RG’s (including Jcustom) is the wood used for the body,in fact, here we have a top quality 2-piece alder, with a 3 mm thick quilted AAA maple top. This guitar sounds totally different from normal RG’s and it’s more similar to the Jem 7vwh.

The neck is made of flamed maple, bolt-on with aajn (all access neck joint) for maximum comfort on the last frets, the profile is the wizard II and the finish is glossy. The keyboard is made of rosewood, 24 frets, scale 25.5, binding and inlays offset dots. The tuners are Gotoh style, the nut is the Top Lock. The main innovation of the whole guitar is the “Tension Free Neck” system invented by Bunker, it is a mechanism that allows the neck to resonate better and be more stable.

The bridge is the famous Lo-Pro-Edge, the pickups are 2 DiMarzio, a PAF Pro to the neck and Evolution to the bridge.

This USRG sounds amazing, the tone is similar to the JCustom but has a more open, bright and versatile sound, suitable for every styles of rock, but not only, it is a truly versatile guitar, very collectable and top quality.


Price: 1500 Euros