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Spaghettivintage also takes care of the customer’s withdrawal of instruments on consignment, ensuring a highly professional cleaning, reconditioning and setting,high definition photographs and advertising worldwide.

This service has a cost of 150 Euros and must be paid in advance by the customer even if the instrument is not sold, the duration of the contract is at most 1 year after delivery with the possibility of early termination at will of the parties.

It should be checked every 3-4 months, the sale price and possibly update it, of course, if the instrument remains unsold agrees to reduce its price.

If the instrument is sold the owner must pay the commission to Spaghettivintage,which includes shipping costs, fees for online payments etc.

Initial costs, reconditioning, selling price and advertising setting up a Commissionon Sales Ultimately, for those who do not want to pay the commission is an opportunity to request a guaranteed minimum sale price, Spaghettivintage considers whether the proposal is reasonable and resell the goods at his own price. In any case, the customer must pay the early 150 Euros.