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James Taylor

Spaghettivintage® & VGE Custom Pedals Limited Edition

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Around a project like this there is love, hard work, commitment and total dedication, only to get the best sound without compromising quality, I really believe in people who created this product line with me; they live in our land and should be proudly supported, they do like, as I do, the “real” sound and, despite the material and even more cultural poverty in which we live, try to be propositive rather than self-pity. Long live to the ideas and shiny madness!

VGE Spaghettivintage® Custom Handmade Superfuzz Limited Edition

Vintage Guitar Effects and Spaghettivintage® are proud to present the Limited Edition Custom Handmade Superfuzz, the first of a series of stomp boxes that is part of a limited edition created only for Spaghettivintage®.

This pedal was built by VGE on specs of Luigi Mitola and is a wonderful custom replica of the legendary Univox Superfuzz, one of the best ever made.

Unfortunately, it is out of production for decades and vintage items have reached very high prices…

It’s not just a Fuzz, it  also produces an extraordinary Octavia effect, widely used by Jimi Hendrix since his early records, you can hear its extraordinary sound quality in hundreds of historical and recent recordings, from the Who, The Doors, Smashing Pumpkins, Hillel Slovak (founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) to the Fu Manchu and Sunn.

Although over the years lots of Fuzzes were been made the Univox replicas are increasingly in demand by musicians around the world.

This Spaghettivintage® Custom Version has a stainless steel box and audio customizations give the pedal an incredible versatility for live and recording, it’s like having four pedals in one, which is impossible for a normal Superfuzz.


The audio customizations are:


1     selector switch for silicon-germanium diodes to have a softer or a more aggressive tone


2     additional pot to emulate the very popular “low battery effect


3     additional pot to adjust the mid frequencies


4     1-2 tone switch pedal to activate very easily the mid frequencies, like having an adjustable boost under your feet


Of course if you turn off all the options you will have the classic Superfuzz tone.


All materials used is top notch and components are selected and studied point to point in the circuit, in order to have the best sound and total respect for tradition and vintage construction.

VGE circuits are carved only on fiberglass boards by Bungard, Rademacher (made in Germany) or CIF (Made in France) that ensure exceptional quality, signal transmission and lasting.

Wiring and circuit boards are carved, crafted and positioned entirely by hand as it was formerly, NEVER pots and jacks are soldered straight to the board, the pedal is True Bypass.

For the circuit components we have followed the vintage tradition, we have only used parts made with the same materials of the past or NOS components, the only way to get the right sound.



Every production of Vintage Guitar Effects before leaving the laboratory will be checked and tested in every detail, so each product is LIFETIME guaranteed. Of course, the warranty does not cover the misuse and normal wear and tear of the product, in this case, the repair costs are charged to the customer.

Price: 249 


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