2007 Gibson Les Paul 1960 Reissue Custom Shop Darkburst VOS OHSC

2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1960 Reissue  Darkburst VOS, excellent condition, carved flamed top, slim taper neck, Bumblebee capacitors, Burstbucker pickups, wonderful tone, warm and woody. Lifton case, tags and certificates included.


1968 Gibson SG Special Walnut Stop Bar Conversion No Volute HSC

1968 Gibson SG Special Walnut, no volute with Stop Bar/Tune O Matic conversion, all in a beautiful Honduras mahogany, very light, original frets just dressed, and the original P90 pickups sound absolutely amazing. The instrument has a spectacular sound, has had modifications and the holes for the screws of the original Vibriola and a subsequent Bigsby were filled, so even if sounds great, has a price significantly lower than the standard price, it is the classic guitar called by collectors “player condition”: new Kluson tuners, new knobs, new Gibson Stop Bar and Tune O Matic, new genuine Switchcraft selector (the original is included), the guitar also has the original Vibriola and Stud, which can be reinstalled without problems.

A unique opportunity to own an awesome sounding 1968 Gibson SG at a very competitive price, all that matters for the tone of this instrument is there and is absolutely original.


Jen Super Crybaby 70’s w Box + Case

Fantastic Super Crybaby by JEN Pescara (Italy), the company that produced the best wahs in the world (the best sounding Vox were made by them!) It has a slightly different circuit than the normal Crybaby which gives a little wider tonal extension, a little more rock tone, but always soft and very usable on clean, crunch an distorted sounds, in other words it is amazing!
This specimen is exceptional, as new,despite over 30 years of life and with still its soft case, box and all the tags: a must!

Price: CALL or EMAIL

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Ram’s Head Handmade Conversion By VGE

Awesome Electro Harmonix Big Muff, converted to 1976 Ram’s Head version and entirely rebuilt by Fabio D’Errico of VGE. The box is taken from a modern reissue, but the original circuit board has been replaced with a fiberglass one, such as in vintage items and the pedal was been totally handmade rebuilt, it was also made true bypass. The sound is incredible, just like the “real” Big Muff, nothing to do with modern models and reissues, the authentic sound of musicians like Gilmour and thousands of other guitarists. Lifetime warranty.


1986 Ibanez Tube Screamer TS10 Analog Man TS 808 Mod Original Box

1986 Ibanez TS10 Tubescreamer with original box and  TS 808 Mod made in the USA by Analog Man, beautiful sound, more natural and less compressed than the current reissues, a pedal that sounds great and is certainly collectible.


Marshall 1922 with Made in England Celestion Vintage 30 V30 Speakers

Marshall 1922 2×12 cabinet in excellent condition, old production with made in England Celestion Vintage 30 speakers , taken from a 1996 Marshall 1960AV ; the tone is beautiful, much better than 1922’s with stock Celestion G12T 75 , more headroom and definition on bass frequencies, presence and warmth like no other.


1964 Fender Tweed Champ 5F1 Narrow Panel

Fantastic 1964 Fender Tweed Champ 5F1 Narrow Panel, the last year of production of this model, perfect, the components are still all original, including speaker, electrolytic capacitors have been replaced (I give even originals with), the upper backpanel has been replaced. An amplifier that has made the history of music and which have been recorded thousands of guitars (among many Layla by Derek and the Dominoes). Still present in hundreds of recording studios for its great and huge sound, nothing to do with the reissues, don’t miss it, subject increasingly rare.

Here are the specifications:

Fender Champ 1964
– model type 5F1
– Narrow Panel
– tweed combo cabinet
– oxblood color grill cloth
– chrome control panel
– black chicken head knobs, facing up
– original leather stitched amp handle
– serial C-21000 (1964)
– Tube Chart code ML (dec 1963)
– Production stamp 80
– 8″ CST EV-29 speaker w/code 137 310 (week 10 1963)
– 12AX7 triode
– 6V6GT power tube, 5 WATT
– Transformer code 606307 (week 7 1963) and 606337 (week 37



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