Gibson ES335 TD 1970 Walnut OHSC

1970 Gibson ES 335 Walnut color in perfect condition, all original, from frets to the case, light and balanced, terrific and huge sound, very fast and comfortable neck, a real rock ‘n’ roll machine!

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Gibson Les Paul R4 Reissue Jeff Beck Custom Shop Cloud 9 Oxblood 2007 VOS

This is not a normal Custom Shop Les Paul and it’s not the limited edition dedicated to Jeff Beck. This guitar is part of a limited series of guitars, with the prefix CR (custom reissue) that is TRULY CUSTOM, individually made to order and not in series, with different specs from each other but having in common the fact of being fully chambered inside so as to be almost considered hollowbody. These guitars are very light, have a great sustain a fast attack and an awesome tone. These guitars are part of a project in 2002, never really begun, called CLOUD 9. The project was started by Gibson’s luthiers in collaboration with the three most important american dealers: Dave Carpenter’s Music Machine, Dave’s and Wildwood Guitars. Originally the guitar, which is considered a R9 light as a cloud was to be called Cloud 9, but as he began the campaign that Gibson had to face a lawsuitfor copyright infringement because that name was registered by another guitars manufacturer. Thus, the project Cloud 9 was abandoned but not the production of guitars with that features, that are made today only for Wildwood.


These guitars are produced in a few units every year and are not all the same. Can be R4, R5, R6, R8,R9, R0, with custom finishes, with different pickups and custom modifications. All, however, CLOUD 9, or chambered with a block center that makes them unique. This particular one was made in 2007 and faithfully reproduces (better than the current set signed by Jeff Beck) the famous Oxblood Les Paul but lighter and more balanced.

Now Let’s talk about the sound, one of the best Les Paul I’ve ever heard, if you think it has a thin sound you’re realli big wrong thick, has a killer sound and fast attack tha breaks down the walls, chunky neck 54 style, perfect intonation, Burstbuckers 2 and 3, Bumblebee caps,awesome VOS finish,it’s not realistic in pictures, obsessive attention to details, they have replaced Kluson machines with Schallers (as Jeff Beck did), and have also left little traces on the paint and uncovered screw holes, as if the Kluson had been installed some time before being replaced!

If you want a Les Paul REALLY CUSTOM MADE, of which there five or six pieces in the world, then THIS IS your guitar. Its value is expected to rise in coming years, a real investment.


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1970’s Cry Baby Thomas International Chicago Illinois

Very good sounding Cry Baby pedal manufactured by Thomas International in Chicago in the mid70’s, sounds great, like a real wah should sound, nothing to do with the reissues.

They are already collectors’ items, but their value will increase over time.


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Guild F4CE Natural 1994 Fishman Onboard

1994 Guild F4CE Natural stock Fishman amplified, great sound, powerful and detailed, absolutely feedback resistant, very comfortable neck, some normal signs of use due to the age and satin finish, Westerly Made! Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, top woods, nothing to do with new productions, these guitars are increasingly rare …. gigbag included.

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Gibson SG Standard Custom Shop Cherry VOS 2009

2009 Gibson Custom Shop SG Standard VOS Cherry, one of the best SG’s I’ve ever had, balanced and very light, only 2.7 kg!
The guitar is in perfect conditions, really as new, all tags and certificates and sounds great, a real Gibson, top woods, Burstbuckers pickups, Bumblebee capacitors.OHSC

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Fender Stratocaster Sunburst 1977

1977 Fender Stratocaster sunburst , very resonant and among the lightest of those years, only 3.6 kg! Bridge saddles have been upgraded with better fender ones, original frets are worn, but still good and the guitar plays great.
As you know, 70’s Fenders are very discontinuous and it’s easy to find bad guitars around, this is a very good one, don’t miss it!

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Guild D35 1975 OHSC

1975 Guild D35 Natural fantastic, in excellent conditions, no cracks, just the normal signs of aging, warm and powerful sound, a real US made guitar;it was built in the historic factory in Westerly, Rhode Island, which no longer exists.
All solid woods, spruce top, arched mahogany back and sides, fine woods like these are increasingly rare and expensive, you will not find many guitars playing so well at a very affordable price. OHSC

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Boss CE1 vs BOSS CE2



Boss CE1 vs Boss CE2

Hello guys,

today I want to talk about two stomp boxes who have characterized the music of the past 40 years: I’m talking about the legendary Boss CE1, the first chorus / vibrato pedal of the history and its successor CE2.

Having both pedals available and having tried a lot in recent years, I can trace similarities and differences, but one thing immediately jumps to the ear, both are head and shoulders of the rest.

The Boss CE1 was the first stereo chorus pedal to be realized (1976) and it’s has a very warm but detailed sound, fantastic on both the clean side that on overdriven one. You could hardly find a better sound ….

On CE1 we have 2 switches, one inserts the effect and the other changes from chorus to vibrato, then there is an input selector high and low, a knob to adjust the chorus and two for vibrato, an on / off switch ,one input and two mono/stereo outputs.

The pedal has a great analog tone, almost three dimensional, a lot of headroom, and has a terrific vibrato / leslie, the best I’ve ever heard.

I’ve often heard 70 and 80’s chorus pedals playing dark, almost phaser like, without thickness, hopelessly dated in sound…well, CE1 is something else and his quotations prove it … .

If you find one do not let him escape, believe me, you might regret it bitterly …

PS also try it on the bass, there’s nothing better around!

Now let’s talk about the Boss CE2, small size and less functionality compared to its predecessor, only 2 knobs, Rate and Depht, operating only in mono. You could say why comparing two so different objects?

Simple, even if they’re different sounding both sound great and it’s impossible to replicate them.

Try the new and less new Boss choruses, no way……

The CE2 has a dynamic and phenomenal heat and this was the most used chorus by musicians all over the world, famous or not: this is the world’s most popular compact chorus!

One last very important thing: often we read about people with chasing only Japan black label Boss pedals because they think they’re always better than Japan or Taiwan green labels, nothing more wrong, the japan blacks are just older and I’ve often heard Taiwan sounding better and / or the same than the others.

Always try the instruments before giving your opinion,

do not be fooled by the bar talk and above all ….

listen to the sounds with your ears, not with your eyes!

See you next time

Luigi Mitola


Fender American Standard Stratocaster 1989 OHSC

1989 Fender American Standard Stratocaster in very good conditions only 2 scratches on the bottom edge, perfect frets,as new, fine woods , better than the present ones, including original case, perfect setup, no tbx. There is little to say, despite being an entry level instrument sounds really good, much better than the nineties standards and still better than the recent ones.

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Boss CE 3 Stereo Chorus Japan Green Label

Boss CE3 Japan Green Label perfect, really excellent condition and fully functional, battery or AC power, you won’t find another one in these conditions



MXR Phase 90 1980

1980 MXR Phase 90 perfectly working, battery or AC power, built like a tank, sounds great!

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